Sublime was formed in the year 1988 as an American band of ska punk from the Long Beach in California. In the year 1997, they did posthumous songs like “What I Got”, “Wrong Way”, “Santeria”, and “Doin’ Time”, which thrilled many fans around the world. Sublime has released one live album, three studio albums, and five compilation albums. All members knows their roles especially when they started with an aim of making sure that the band grows to what it ultimately became in the music industry. The band had already sold more than 17 million of albums worldwide with approximately 10 million copies in the United States alone.

Is Sublime on Social Media ?

When you visit the link, Facebook, you will learn information about them as well as how you can buy their merchandise well. The band also sells the best t-shirts that you can choose especially when looking for the best hits.

Sublime has published much of their content on Soundcloud for those who need to enjoy them. These hits includes the ‘What I got’, ‘Wrong Way’, ‘Caress Me Down’, ‘Don’t Push’ and ‘Santerian’ among many other of their hits.

When you want Fan Sites, you can visit their social media pages and like the respeitive members’ pages. You can also follow their labels such as MCA and Skunk. By visiting their fan page at Sublime on all social media, you will be able to know places where you can get the members as well as their fan pages.

The band has Pitchfork at Sublime band where you get more information about them. The band is very active on Pitchfork and they will always reply any kind of question that you might want to ask them.

The band is available on YouTube at SublimeVEVO where you can get more about their events as well as old hits. The band always post many cool videos on their YouTube channel for the fans who always need a new song at the same time refreshing.

What are their biggest hits songs?

Their Biggest hit album includes ‘What I got’, ‘Wrong Way’, ‘Caress Me Down’, and ‘Don’t Push’ that has been trending until today especially when you need the best music. You will always enjoy their music. Sublime band has a newsletter that you can signup for on their main site to be receiving more regular news as well as information about their performance from their website

When you want to learn information about Sublime, you can always find it online by looking at their contacts to find more about their performances venues in the future.