The rock trio superstars Sublime with Rome is set to entertain thousands of their fans at the State Fair Grandstand in Illinois on Friday. During the ’90s nostalgia, Sublime with Rome will be promoting their recent album, “Sirens,” that includes songs such as “Wherever You Go”. On Aug. 18 at 7:30 p.m., the gates will open about one hour before the concert. Sublime will perform some of their best hits back in the ’90s. Sublime will start by their popular hits known as ‘Don’t Push’, ‘ Rivers of Babylon ‘ and “Pawn Shop” to open the concert. They will also perform their top hit record called “Caress Me Down” where they have collaborated with other popular artists in their new album.

During the concert, the band would love to rejuvenate their music by bringing fans back in the days when people used to enjoy blues-rock, folk rock, psychedelic rock band t-shirts, and soul. Surely, this a place that you do not want to miss if you want some fun!